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Restore and Sustain

  • Work synergistically to restore and sustain your animals' health.
  • Effectiveness demonstrated in goat studies at NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • SAVE $$ on Special Offers!

 RESTORE, a pure, botanical anthelmintic compound, is safe and effective, managing internal parasite control in livestock. No withdrawal period is required for milking or slaughter. Feed RESTORE once weekly year around for maintenance, more frequently for heavily infested animals and during times of parasite activity. Complete instructions included.INGREDIENTS: Wormwood, Garlic, Gentian, Fennel, Psyllium, Centaury in precise balance.

 SUSTAINis a rich botanical supplement for livestock that is best used along withRESTORE to build resistance to parasites and promote enhanced overall health. SUSTAIN promotes excellent coats and fleeces, and cleanses and soothes the digestive system. SUSTAINis fed once weekly all year round, mixed in feed or minerals.INGREDIENTS: Coltsfoot, Coriander Seed, Fennel Seed, Irish Moss, Juniper Berry, Yarrow Herb, Rosehips, Rhubarb Root, Sea Kelp.


Restore and Sustain can be easily added to free-choice (loose) minerals or to your animal's grain. They must be kept dry and fresh to prevent the leaching of volatile oils. Palatability is seldom a problem with the herbs but some animals (most notably cattle) are leery of the new smells and tastes at first. In this case, add a small amount at every feeding, gradually increasing the dosage until you reach your scheduled program amount.

Both botanical and chemical parasite control must be carried out in conjunction with other holistic practices in order to be effective. Rotation onto clean pastures and timed interventions are critical to your animals' health. Order our booklet,"Know Your Worms", to learn the basics you need to manage your livestock.

 When beginning your regimen usingRESTORE and SUSTAIN, give doses for four days before resuming a maintenance schedule. It is advisable to move animals to a clean pasture on the third day. Some owners prefer to use a chemical anthelmintic before beginning the herbal treatment.

 In the case of heavily infested animals, RESTORE can be administered as a drench for three to seven days. Remember, when your animals are sick, consult professional help.

 Half of the battle of parasite control is building immunity to the parasites. This is the role thatSUSTAIN plays in the equation. Remember that young animals have no immunity and are at great risk of infestation. Clean pastures and regular treatment are vital to their health.

RESTORE$23 per lb (Approx. 300 tsp.)
SUSTAIN$20 per lb

SAVE!Two lbs. for $39.95 ... 1 lb of each Restore and Sustain!
Quantity:VIEW CART

SAVE MORE! Eight lbs. for $139.95... 4 lbs of each Restore and Sustain!
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(Not for horses, but safe for cats!)

Farmstead Health Supply now offers a carefully-researched second worming formula for all ruminants, swine, dogs, and cats (but not for horses). Used to enhance the effectiveness of Restore and Sustain during dangerous parasite seasons, this formula maintains the integrity of the natural intervention while providing another tool for our holistic approach to animal health. INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: black walnut hull, DE, fumaric Acid, blue vervain, wormwood, garlic


FARMSTEAD HEALTH SUPPLY offers the information, supplies, and equipment you need for natural parasite control.

Dosage Chart for Restore, Sustain, and Compound #2


1 teaspoon



Cats (do not feed Restore)

1/4 teaspoon


1/2 to 1 teaspoon

Goats up to 100 lbs


Goats over 100 lbs



1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons

Horses(do not feed Compound #2)



1-2 teaspoons

Sheep up to 150 lbs

1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons

Sheep over 150 lbs

1 1/2 to 3 teaspoons


1/2 to 1 teaspoons


1/2 tsp. Per 4 avg. birds


1-3 teaspoons


Concentrated Organic Soap (Basic H-2)

New formula by Shaklee, Basic H was used by shepherds and other farmers in many effective ways in the barn and around the homestead. Information sheet included.

BASIC H-2 makes an excellent Ph balanced wash for many things. 1 bottle makes 48 gallons of wash! Add Tea Tree Oil or Catnip Oil to extend the possibilities. Basic H-2 is super-concentrated and makes an excellent wool wash for sheared fleece. A little goes a long way. There are hundreds of other uses for home and farm. Information sheet included.

BASIC H2 $11.95.
Quantity:VIEW CART
BASIC H2 $42.95 1/2 Gallon (makes 192 gallons!)
Quantity:VIEW CART

The Worm-Away Plan for a 10% Discount!

 Customers who use the Worm-Away plan are delighted with it! A totally voluntary plan, it works a little like a coffee club. You tell us the number of animals you have, how you feed Restore and Sustain, and what other Farmstead products you use. We calculate your usage rate (or you may determine it), and shipments go out automatically with a bill. Your product is there when you need it--no need to remember to re- order. One less thing to think about! And, for this, you get a 10% discount on Restore, Sustain, and DW #2!

Minimum order - 3 shipments/year





You can now order online and pay via your credit card or bank account using PAYPAL (www.paypal.com). This service is convenient and safe, and has enabled millions of customers to trade online with confidence.


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