Goats are playful, social and destructive animals. Their playful and social characteristics make them friendly. A goat can be destructive too. Due to its jumpy nature, a goat can end up destroying your entire garden. When destruction occurs you will incur costs to remodel the garden again. All these make caring for your pet a demanding and expensive activity. You should not fall back if you have decided to incorporate a goat in your lifestyle. The following are goats care tips which you will easily implement without any financial or social strains.

Favorable local laws

Different towns have varying rules and regulations concerning goat keeping. A town can set 60 pounds as the minimum goat weight required within the town. Check for the possibility of the goat destroying your neighbor’s property. A Goat produces a lot of noise hence you should confirm whether the neighbors are ok with that.

Proper housing

Goats should be kept in a safe place free from other hostile creatures and individuals. You should provide an area of 135 square feet for a single goat. The area should be properly fenced to keep away individuals with bad intentions. Creatures such as snakes can be fatal when they bite your goat. They should be kept away. The fence should be made to 4-5 feet high to prevent the goat from jumping over.


Goats are choosy eater. They won’t eat everything which they meet on the way. Foliage available in your backyard is not enough for your goat. You should supplement the goat’s diet through hay, weeds, grass, grains, and shrubs. You provide them with plenty of water and salt licks throughout the day. It is also recommended that you uproot any toxic plants and flower within your backyard. They can cause ill health on your goat and probably end up dying.


Goats are vulnerable to a lot of infections. Tetanus, Coccidiosis, and Bladder stones are fatal diseases when they infect your goat. Vaccines protect your goat from these infections before their outbreak. Some diseases such as sore mouth can be passed on from the goat to humans. You should take the health issues of your goat serious because it can affect your health too.

Hoof trimming

Hoof trimming is an important management practice for your goat. When the hooves are left to overgrow they make it painful for the goat to walk. They can also cause some leg related problems. It is advisable that you acquire a hoof trimming set for regular trimming activities of your goat.

Goat keeping is always a demanding activity. But that does not imply that you won’t keep it in your backyard. Getting quality and quantity feeds for your goat is the basic action you should first take. Thereafter you will need to buy mineral supplements and vaccines for protection against disease outbreaks. Hoof trimmer is the last equipment you will require. These are simply the basics which will keep your Goat secure and give it the care it requires. All the best as you start on your goat keeping project.

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