How To Litter Train A Rabbit?

How To Litter Train A Rabbit
A rabbit is a great indoor pet companion and they’re more than a bundle of fur. Much like a cat, your rabbit can be litter trained. The following user-friendly guide will give you tips on how to successfully littler train your rabbit.

Step1 Start Early

If you have a baby, litter training is essential. However, older rabbits can be litter trained too.

Step2 Craft A Litter Box

Start by creating a litter box with hay inside the litter box. Avoid slight misses near the litter box by putting paper underneath your little box (some rabbits will mark their territory with droppings around the box). Pay attention to the areas that your rabbit likes to take their bathroom breaks and you can always try using more than one litter box. The litter box should be crafted so they’ll have to hop into it. In fact, you won’t have to fill the litter box with a lot of hay because rabbits don’t bury their droppings like a cat. Put a thin layer of hay in their litter box to avoid wasting hay when your cleaning.


Place their little box in a confined area in the beginning. If they respond well to the litter box area, give them more space. However, if they start to regress (the more accidents that have outside of the litter box) began to use a confined area again until they are successfully using the litter box. You can use a puppy pen to confine their space.


If your rabbit has an accident, clean it up with a paper cloth and put it inside their litter box. Do the same thing with their poop. This will help them recognize where to do their business. Be patient and recognize that your rabbit will have accidents. Be consistent on cleaning up any spills and placing it in their litter box.


Your rabbit likes to eat hay and may end up eating their droppings if you don’t pay attention. Watch your rabbit as they begin to litter train.
If your rabbit is peeing and pooping everywhere, they be marking their territory. You may want to get your rabbit spayed or neutered to stop this type of behavior. You can also use a rabbit snappy trainer to stop them from doing their business on the bed or the couch. You can find them at your local pet store. Immediately correct any behavior that involves your rabbit doing their business on your bed or couches.
You can also place a hay feeder beside the litter box to establish great litter training habits. In fact, use rabbit-safe litter without a scent to avoid making your rabbit sick. Pay attention to litter types that have been known to make rabbits sick. Experts suggest staying away from softwood like cedar. Again, you have to pay attention to your rabbit in the early stages of littering training so if they have an accident you can direct them towards the litter box. Be patient with your rabbit, but be consistent during litter training.

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