How deep does the rabbit hole go?

A good stable is a considerable investment and it is worthwhile to look for the various options available. When choosing a stable, size, construction, ease of maintenance and costs must be considered. If you have a limited budget, you have to ask yourself if a rabbit is a right pet for you, because a good rabbit hutch and a good exercise will probably cost around 300 euros. Know how deep does the rabbit hole go.

A good stable must be made of solid wood (no plywood), well built, with no nails or screws, and with a watertight solid wood roof covered with thick felt. It should be on the legs or on the supports to be lifted off the ground and to have at least two compartments inside, one of which is made up of solid walls to provide sleeping and sleeping space for the rabbit. The doors must be equipped with a thick metal wire mesh, fixed hinges, and a secure lock. Ideally, you should be able to lock the doors. Rabbits were stolen from huts, and predators, especially foxes, are able to break into a poorly built rabbit niche.

Size is extremely important. The recommended minimum size for a rabbit is 6 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet. The hare should make three full jumps and be able to stretch on the hind legs. For a pair of rabbits, increase the dimensions as much as possible. If rabbits are unable to jump or stretch, their bone structure may be impaired, especially in young rabbits less than a year old.

The best rabbit nest is one that meets the above specifications and is attached to a secure, durable practice area of at least 8 ‘x 4’ x 2 ‘. The training course should be covered with wire mesh at the top and sides and should be checked regularly to ensure that the hare does not dig holes in the edges that could escape it.

Rabbits can live 10 years or more, so the price of a good rabbit is worth it. A solid wood bell means you can wait easier. It’s best to shop online instead of going to a pet store. There are many independent retailers selling cottages and you will probably find a cheaper online store than a shop. You can even get individual cages to your liking and give your rabbits a wonderful and safe home.

When assembling your rabbit cage, you need to think about utility. If you intend to keep it in the house, you do not need a traditional wooden sideboard with half-slatted floor. Rabbits do not like walking on a wire and spend a lot of time in their compartment. Another thing to keep in mind is the cleanliness. The wood absorbs many odors that you can consider when building a rabbit hutch with a metal floor and easier to clean. Today, many rabbits are made of metal and fiber. These modern designs are ideal for indoor use. Some of them are so good that they can add charm to your garden or garden. You can look for a wooden hexagonal rabbit hutch.

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